Exactly 50 years ago today John. F. Kennedy announced he was running for president of the United States. He did it with little fanfare from the Senate Caucus Room, unlike today's announcements which usually take place in the candidate's home states amid hoopla and media hype.

JFK cited his military service and a desire to defend America against all enemies.He was not considered the favorite to win,
Fellow senator Hubert Humphrey was thought to be the more likely candidate because of Kennedy's Irish Catholic religion and background, his youth and his inexperience.
Kennedy left Humphrey in his wake, demolished the anti -Catholic argument in his famous speech at West Virginia and faced down Senator Lyndon Johnston at the convention though he picked Johnston as his vice president.
JFK was the youngest man elected president and the youngest man to die in the office. He began that long trek towards greatness 50 years ago today.
No doubt next November we will also be remembering the historic day he was elected president. Not until Obama became president did we see again such a major barrier broken and a comparable excitement among the electorate