NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and his son Greg

Greg Kelly seems like the victim in the rape case alleged against him.

That may not be the politically correct thing to say but I bet it turns out to be the truth.

There is something deeply suspicious about how this whole affair has entered the public domain.

Three months after an alleged rape a woman walks into a police station and makes an accusation.

She must know after that length of time a successful prosecution is almost impossible.

There is no possible physical evidence, no doctor's report, no third party, seemingly, other than her boyfriend who has his own questions to answer quite obviously.

So is there another motive?

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The son of the NYPD Chief Ray Kelly and a very successful anchor for Good Day New York on Fox News has been a singular outstanding guy throughout his career.

A former marine, he covered the White House and America's various wars before taking over the Good Day New York slot.

Now his career is in deep jeopardy because of a rape accusation, four months old when it was made.

It is an incredibly serious allegation, which, if true, deserves the full punishment of the law.

But that seems like a massive outside possibility.

What happened that night after Kelly and the paralegal woman whom he had met and went for drinks with will strictly be a he said/she said series of allegations.

We know they willingly went back to her law firm because she told him her boyfriend was home in her place.

We know they texted and talked after the alleged assault and that the woman later claimed she was pregnant by him.

We also know that her boyfriend, clearly angered by what had transpired, tried to raise it publicly with Kelly's father, the police commissioner .

Kelly is in a no win situation until the District Attorney decides whether to proceed with charges or not.

But it seems to me that the allegations against him are flimsy to say the least.

I suspect the boyfriend was very angry when he heard about the encounter and this stems from that moment.

But time will tell.

The New York Post this morning reports that investigators “don’t buy her story,”

“It sounds like a bunch of BS” the source said.

Another source said, “It sounds like she got caught [cheating] by her boyfriend, and then he forces her hand: ‘If you’re not lying, you better report.’

As I said much more to come out.