Arguably either Bono or Bill Clinton or both should have won the Nobel Peace prize by now but they will at least get a major consolation prize on May 6 this year.

That is when both will turn up at the American Ireland Fund dinner in New York to pay tribute to a remarkable organization and accept some accolades themselves.

Bono is guest of honor but Bill is now set to make an appearance and the two should rock the rafters when they are introduced.

Rumor has it they will also announce a new initiative,using the Irish peace process which Clinton played a huge part in achieving and Bono's incredible humanitarian work as a springboard.

They are certainly the most famous Irish American and Irish person alive and having them both at the same venue is an incredible coup for the American Ireland Fund which has gone from strength to strength under Chairman Loretta Brennan Glucksman.

What was once a stuffy once a year dinner for wealthy Irish has suddenly become the most sought after ticket in town and one that is already very close to being a sellout.

Bono and Bill could soon be in a race to win the Nobel peace prize first but for one night they will be joining forces to answer Ireland's call.

A great night will be had by all.