11/12/2009 02:45 PM

Lou Dobbs doesn't need a new platform. He needs psychiatric help.

Dobbs suffers from Superior White Man Syndrome (SWMS).

He hits all the checkpoints; paranoid, yes; delusional, yes; irrational hatred, yes; unreasonable prejudice, yes; delusions of grandeur, even now that he is departing and hinting at a political career, yes.

Prescription? Lots of rest, Valium and three weeks in Mexico to study history, demography and the real lives of people instead of the manufactured lies he has used for years.

The ranting and raving, the finger-pointing and hate speech, and the complete lack of rational analysis has made it clear for some time that Dobbs is ill, and definitely in need of a good shrink.

Hate-filled speech did not come naturally to Dobbs, who was once a deeply respected economic commentator and a trailblazer on CNN, the network he just quit.

Then came the schizophrenia, the manic Lou Dobbs, the hater of anyone not white and privileged — like himself.

It first manifested itself in hate speech against Latinos, and soon spread to anyone who dared live in America without having been born here.

Dobbs is the kind of guy who would have turned back Sergey Brin, founder of Google, at the border because he was Russian and Jewish.

Dobbs' nightly rants were entertaining to the troglodytes, who like that kind of stuff for a while.

But he's been a one-trick pony — and he just fell off his horse.

His ratings were in a deep slump, and not even Dobbs could not stay angry all the time and have people take him seriously.

Nightly tantrums were fun at first, but soon, the patient needed help.

We've seen it all before, starting with the know-nothings back in the 1840s who hated the Irish; the Ku Klux Klan, which hated blacks and Catholics; and on television with Morton Downey way back when.

Glenn Beck and Dobbs are just the latest occupying the tower of babble that network media has become.

Lately, Dobbs has become even more paranoid, announcing shootings at his palatial mansion in New Jersey. Not too surprisingly for someone so delusional, his neighbors have explained it's just hunting season.

His on-air tirades have become tiresome to the point that CNN, which once thought he was too valuable to lose, gladly bid him goodbye.

Hopefully, he won't let the door hit him on the way out.

Soldedad O'Brien, a true representative of the gorgeous mosaic that is America, should take his place.

Latino and Irish and equally proud of both, she speaks to an America that gives Dobbs nightmares.