I met Anthony Weiner about a month ago when he came to my office to solicit Irish American support for his mayoral run in 2013.

He is one sharp cookie.

He had an agenda ready and went at it, issues of concern to the Irish American community like immigration and parades and he hit every mark.

There is no way I can believe this razor sharp young candidate sent a dumb and offensive twitter to a woman he never met at the weekend.

This stinks to high heaven and has all the hallmarks of a dirty tricks campaign.

I know one should never be surprised when a sex scandal engulfs a well known figure. There are annual rituals these days from Bill Clinton to Dominique Strauss Khan.

But Anthony Weiner strikes me as a political animal, a man who will let nothing and I mean nothing get in the way of his political ambition.

He is very reminiscent of his political mentor Senator Chuck Schumer who is sharp as a shark when it comes to scoring political points.

Anthony Weiner will be a major contender for Mayor of New York in 2013 of that I am certain.

And I'm pretty sure he did not send a crazy text or do anything that would risk that bright career.