The bullies who aided and abetted Phoebe Prince's suicide have gotten off pretty much scot-free.

That is the only conclusion to draw from yesterday's events when five of the six copped a plea.

Their crimes will be treated as misdemeanors and likely just involve some community service.

It is a shocking outcome which has ended the hopes of many involved in the issue that finally a stand would be taken against this type of horrific behavior.

Phoebe Prince committed suicide because of the dreadful bullying. There is a clear cause and effect there.

The Irish girl had a troubled past, but would never have taken the ultimate step were it not for the mean girls and boys that made her life a misery.

It is sad to report that the law has failed once again to send a clear and unequivocal signal that if you bully another kid to the point of her suicide there are real consequences.

Sure the accused will bear scars for the rest of their lives, but at least they will have lives.

The family of Phoebe Prince have only the broken dreams and the memories of a dear daughter who departed this earth far too early.

It is an overwhelming tragedy made worse by this slap on the wrist.