Along the shores of Ireland, a centuries old remedy has been rediscovered as an all-natural miracle cure.

Irish moss or Carragheen (Gaelic meaning “little rock”) moss has been a part of Irish history and folklore. The ancient Irish found it to be good luck, adoring their homes with Irish moss and adding it to meals.

Irish moss, which isn’t really a moss at all, is actually seaweed. Ranging from yellow-green to dark red and purple, the seaweed grows on the rocky Atlantic coast of Ireland and has been a miracle medical cure for thousands of years.

The Irish have always known of Carragheen moss’ benefits. During the Great Famine, Irish moss was used as a nutritional food.  Filled with vitamins A, D, E, F, and K, as well as calcium, magnesium and potassium; there are a number of things that Irish moss has been linked to helping and even curing.

Everything from bronchitis to intestinal disease, atheroscolosis, glandular problems, thyroid conditions, lung difficulties, tuberculosis and tumors, Irish moss has been linked as a healthy and natural cure-all. Recent studies have found that the high nutrient values can actually help cure viral infections like influenza, mumps and pneumonia.

The most popular way to get your daily value of Irish moss is to eat it. Irish moss can be found in many different dishes. The seaweed is sold dried in packages and can be eaten raw, but traditionally, Irish moss is boiled, and made into jellies or mixed into hot drinks.

As strange as seaweed jelly many sound, the seaweed is nearly tasteless, so it’s a good way to get your daily recommended value of vitamins and minerals.  

Irish moss is not only good for your body, but does wonders for skin, too. Skin and beauty products made with Irish moss are now the most sought after. Seaweed moisturizers are great for replenishing and revitalizing skin. Vitamin K, the moors prevalent vitamin found in Irish moss, is known for repairing elasticity in skin and helping reduce wrinkles and dark spots on skin that come with aging.

Rí Na Mara and Green Angel are Irish companies that sell many seaweed enriched beauty products and are popular all around the world.

The benefits of Irish moss continue to be found in the health and beauty field. At a time when healthy and affordable are rarely one in the same, Irish moss can be your one stop cure-all.