The Irish are taking over, not just the known universe but the dog world as well.

Daily --appropriate that, is reporting that the new power in doggy world is canines with Celtic names. We are the new Top Dogs, the Hot Dogs of 2010 it seems.

The top ten dog names now have no fewer than 3 Irish names, including the top three, Riley Casey and Baily. According to Daily Beast here is why

1. CASEY jumped from also-ran to No. 41 over the past two years. Like several of the other rising stars, it’s a friendly Irish surname that can be used for either boys or girls. In human terms, Casey peaked for boy babies in 1987 and for girls in 1986; it’s now gone to the dogs. Two-year trend: Up 102.4 percent.

2. RILEY, on the other hand, is still a current baby name favorite—now used about twice as often for girls as boys—chasing at the heels of the Kylies and Mileys. It’s in the canine top 20, and moving fast. Two-year trend: Up 77.7 percent.

3. BAILEY joins Casey in the trend toward more ambiguous, less gender-specific names, unlike the old macho Busters and femme Missys. It’s now the No. 3 name in the country. Two-year trend: Up 66 per cent That has all happened at woof speed.

Just a few years ago Rover and and Spot held sway now, doggone, they have disappeared. Now the Irish are leading the parade.