As Irish man Keith Byrne awaits deportation from the US, we want your opinion on the undocumented Irish in America.

Keith Byrne, a native of Fermoy in Co Cork, was arrested by Immigration Control and Enforcement [ICE] on July 10 when he was on his way to work in suburban Philadelphia. He is now being held in a Pike County prison in Pennsylvania as it looks likely that he will be deported to Ireland.

The Irish 37-year-old, who has his own house painting business, has been married to American woman Keren Byrne since 2009. The couple had two children together, and also raise Keren's teenage son from a previous relationship.

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While applying for US citizenship in 2010 after marrying Keren, Keith disclosed that he had two marijuana possession charges from when he still lived in Ireland. His application was ultimately denied and he was served a deportation order which he and Keren have been fighting ever since.

With the news of Byrne's arrest and further claims that an immigration sweep was to round up thousands of undocumented immigrants over the weekend, many undocumented Irish have been on high alert. 

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