Getting a new passport for a minor
without their parent

"I am living in Ireland with my American citizen child who is 13. My estranged husband is American and still living there. My question concerns my daughter’s U.S. passport. It is expired and I would like to renew it. I believe that both parents have to be present for this to happen though. 

My daughter’s father has no plans to come here (nor do I want him to), but we have plans to travel this summer and she needs a passport. I suppose I could get her an Irish one, but I really would like for her to have the American one. I can’t be the only one in this boat.

 What should I do?”

You are correct in saying that both parents have to be present to obtain a passport for a child under 16, even for renewals.  However, this is not always possible, and there are ways that only one parent can complete the process.

In your case, you’ll have to have your estranged husband complete a notarized statement of consent that authorizes passport issuance for a child.  The form, DS 3053, is available on the State Department’s website (

Once he completes this and gives it to you, you’ll be able to apply for a passport renewal for your daughter at the American Embassy in Dublin.  There are other requirements you can read about.

For couples who are divorced, passport renewal for minors requires the same DS-3053 if only parent can be present.  For a parent who has sole custody of a minor the form is not required, but the parent will have to show a court order proving the custody arrangement.