I-94 arrival and departure cards

The I-94 arrival and departure cards that visitors to the U.S. must complete when entering, and surrender when departing, will soon be obsolete. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced recently that it will automate the admissions process which is expected save both time and money – an estimated $15.5 million per year.

The new move, according to a press release, means that visitors will no longer need to fill out a paper form when arriving to the U.S. by air or sea.

“Automation of the I-94 will increase efficiency and streamline the admission process,” said CBP deputy commissioner David V. Aguilar.

The CBP press release further states, “As part of CBP’s work to bring advances in technology and automation to the passenger processing environment, records of admission will now be generated using traveler information already transmitted through electronic means. This change should decrease paperwork for both the officer and the traveler and will allow CBP to better optimize its resources.”

The rule will be published in the Federal Register, and will come into effect 30 days after.