Kanye Kardash – sorry, West -- is back in Ireland this week, playing a gig at Dublin’s Marlay Park with “Happy” hit maker Pharrell as an opening act.

Irish media reports say that the missus, Kim Kardashian, could be accompanying him. You’ll remember the overexposed couple had a paparazzi-free honeymoon in Limerick and Laois at the end of May – with Kim reportedly groaning about the gloomy Irish weather and severe boredom.

The manager of Ballyhoura Failte, which promotes tourism in Ballyhoura, Co. Limerick, says he recently received an email from Kimye thanking the locals for the honeymoon hospitality. The couple biked and hiked the local trails and said they had a good time.

“I did get an email to thank us,” manager Fergal Somers told the Limerick Leader.

“It was signed by both of them. Kanye is due to be back in Dublin next week for a concert and he said on the email that if they have time they might come back down.”

Somers acted as their tour guide in Ballyhoura, and said the couple saw all kinds of wildlife like red squirrels and a two-day old calf. That’s a long way from the red carpets and flashbulbs that Kimye usually covets.

Speaking of Kanye’s show, tickets haven’t been exactly selling like hotcakes. We were in Ireland last week for a few days, and every other pop-up ad on our computer and iPad was for the concert – never a good sign that the public is reacting in a good way.

The Irish Times’ “On the Record” column reported a couple of weeks back that West sales have been sluggish with only 10,000 sold as of early June. Undoubtedly more have shifted since then, but for a venue that can easily accommodate 40,000-plus, it looks like Kanye’s gonna have to bring along a lot of his new Kardashian relatives to fill the joint.

“It’s the Kanye West show which is the real surprise here,” the Times reported when commenting on summer concert hits and misses. “Hence why there are so many bus and radio ads for the show and why there will probably be more in the fortnight between now and the show on July 2.

“It seems that even the PR coup of having West honeymooning, mountain biking and going to the cinema in Ireland (and the addition of Pharrell the bill) has had little effect.”