Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

Here they come, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Two grinning robots that want to take your money. And some of you are even going to vote for them.

Romney’s plan is to give record tax breaks to the rich, lowering their tax rate down to 28 percent. Ryan is a little different. His plan is to give the rich even bigger tax breaks, lowering their tax rate down to 25 percent. No wonder billionaires are bank rolling them.

Both of these men understand exactly how to advocate for their own class. If elected it'll be just like the George W. Bush years again, except this time, along with launching exciting new wars overseas, they’ll finally be able get rid of the remaining tax breaks that benefit low-income Americans.

Comforting the comfortable while punishing the American mainstream is now open Republican practice, so the far right have finally stepped out from behind the curtain to watch their candidate Ryan take on the mantel of power in full public view.

The timing is fortuitous because it's become apparent to most observers that the truth about Romney would probably end his presidential campaign.

He cannot sell himself on Romneycare, his signature achievement, because it would be too damaging. He cannot disclose his own income tax returns -- apparently they would be too damaging too.

Enter Ryan and his big toothy grin. But who is Paul Ryan, that’s the question?

Well, tremble now American seniors, because Ryan is the man who genuinely believes in turning Medicare into a voucher program.

Under his budget plan senior citizens would no longer be entitled to comprehensive medical benefits designed to protect them from financial ruin. No more guarantee of benefits, just take a voucher instead, and you know what a voucher's good for, don’t you?

Ryan also believes in ending Medicaid, turning it into a “block grant” instead. It’s estimated between 14 and 27 million low-income Americans would lose their health insurance over it.

Ryan also wants to privatize Social Security. In fact his plan to take a wrecking ball to the New Deal is so radical that even the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and Bush rejected it out of hand.

So why do very rich people like Romney and Ryan hate government programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid?

Well, the nation’s top earners don’t want the financial burden of the welfare state, since they don’t benefit from it, so their plan is to hand the entire cost of it over to the middle class, who do.

America’s rich no longer feel the need or the responsibility to contribute one thin dime to the upkeep of this nation. Instead they open Swiss bank accounts to hide their earnings from the IRS; they ship jobs overseas while closing companies here; they play Wall Street like a private casino and hand you the bill for their excesses.

I don't know how they can make this fact any plainer. They don’t actually care what happens to America.

Under Romney/Ryan it’ll be tax breaks for the rich and social Darwinism for the poor. These would be the deepest, most biting cuts ever attempted by a sitting government.

Have you noticed all of that crumbling infrastructure from sea to shining sea? Under Ryan’s budget the government would be so starved of resources that by 2050 it wouldn’t have enough money for basic functioning, never mind overdue road works or highway repairs.

Ryan’s massive and historic cuts to government funding would mean debilitating cuts to law enforcement, education, highway repair and even basic even food inspection.

Ryan does want to increase defense spending, however, so while you're watching all the bombs drop on new wars overseas you can try to console yourself that your money's being well spent.

But predictably, Ryan’s most characteristic ambition of all is Robin Hood in reverse.  He wants to preside over the largest transfer of wealth from the poor and the middle class over to the rich in American history.

According to Robert Greenstein, president of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the new Ryan budget “would likely produce the largest redistribution of income from the bottom to the top in modern U.S. history, and likely increase poverty and inequality more than any other budget in recent times (and possibly in the nation’s history).”

So that's who Paul Ryan is. Another partisan plutocrat with faraway eyes comes to squeeze the last few drops out of the American century.

A man who has never once in his life had to ask himself, which bill can I afford to pay this week? A man who once used Social Security checks to pay for his education, but who now wants to see Social Security scrapped.

And some of you will even vote for him. Just don’t ever get sick or lose your job, all right?