Adrienne Corless, the daughter of the Tuam, County Galway historian who alerted the world to the shocking deaths of 796 infants in the notorious mother and baby home there, has strongly defended her mothers research and findings this week.

In a comprehensive post on her personal blog, Corless claims that her mother was misrepresented by Rosita Boland in her article in The Irish Times.

Corless also blasts recent reports that the story was a “hoax,” as claimed by Eamonn Fingleton in Forbes magazine and Bill Donohue of The Catholic League.

The Associated Press and the Washington Post also came in for criticism from Corless for referencing The Irish Times report and citing the so-called “discrepancies” that Boland claimed to have found in her mother's original claims.

Corless also criticized NPR for citing the AP report that the Tuam story had been exaggerated.

“Specifically, the AP points to an investigation by The Irish Times in Dublin that revealed discrepancies in maps used by Corless,” NPR reported.

But Corless flatly claims there was no Irish Times investigation.

Corless writes: “I personally find it dismaying that the Irish Times represents itself here as somehow swiping information from under my mother’s nose as though it had never been considered before, in order to present it in a strange, inconsistent report with no clear bottom-line other than to slate other journalists’ apparent sensationalizing of the situation and to seemingly raise doubt about my mother’s work; in between the lines of which, the gravity of the findings were not disputed.”

“I reiterate that my mother remains as consistent as ever in her presentation of her findings.

To read Corless’ full report on the Tuam case click here.