Republican hopefuls

This week Rick Perry demonstrated he doesn't know what age you have to be to vote in the United States, or indeed when the 2012 election actually is. Herman Cain doesn't know if we contributed in any way to the downfall of Qaddafi's regime in Libya, or if in Cuba people speak Cuban.

Now Michele Bachmann wants to close our Iranian embassy, because she doesn't know we haven't had an Iranian embassy there since 1980. Predictably her supporters in Waverly, Iowa, applauded yesterday when she made her bold - but bonkers - announcement.

Bachmann sits on the House Select Committee on Intelligence. Is it any wonder the world thinks this nation is in decline?

Tune in next week when Bachmann tells us her first priority as president will be to track down and kill Osama bin Laden.

I mean days like this explain how a fatuous serial husband like Newt Gingrich can be in serious contention for the GOP nomination, even after being fired by his own party and after the pain he inflicted on the American worker with NAFTA.

I look forward to Gingrich explaining to the nation why child labor laws are unnecessary. It will also be instructive to hear him talk about protecting the sanctity of marriage. But the largest laugh lines will probably be presented by his wise rationales for protecting the rich from any kind of tax payment.

300 million people to choose from and this lot is the cream of the crop? Can it be long until one of these jokers asks Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall?

For President Obama the 2012 GOP field could not come more gift wrapped if they stuck a bright red ribbon on them. The Iowa caucus five weeks away and the gang that couldn't campaign straight are minnows nibbling at his heels.
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