Where are the women? Where are the younger generations? Where's the diversity of the island itself?

Looking at the leaders debate between Ireland's major political parties you have to wonder.

At a time when an unprecedented economic crisis has completely disrupted the nation's politics as usual, it's extraordinary how reflexive and impervious to innovation and change Ireland's political establishment looks.

The more the landscape of fact changes, it seems, the more our leadership hunker down with the tried and tested. This does not auger well.

Yes, that actually was Enda Kenny wearing a 'Lets Get Ireland Working' badge, as if the nation's problems could be quickly addressed if citizens cheered up and redoubled their efforts.

Elderly white conservative men in suits, for the most part, wooden as Giant Redwoods, are these really the faces that will rescue and inspire the nation?

Or are we sleepwalking into a new administration that will prove as impervious to innovation and change as the old one?