Henry Valendia legally married Josh Vandiver in Connecticut but they're still not receiving equal protection under the law. 

The Defense of Marriage at (DOMA) prevents Vandiver from sponsoring his husband's U.S. residency (Valendia is a Venezuelan immigrant).

Valendia will go before an immigration judge next month and he's hoping his deportation will be delayed until the Supreme Court can rule on DOMA, which a lower court has called unconstitutional.

So will conservatives who constantly trumpet "state rights" suddenly embrace a federal solution if it comes wrapped in their on moral disapproval? Isn't that just blatant hypocrisy? 

And isn't the mean spiritedness that honors one marriage and sunders the next one un-American? If marriage is a state, not a federal matter then shouldn't the feds have to recognize marriages legally performed in any state? 

Should federal law trump state law?