If you're anything like us you may be searching for fun items to bring a little extra glitter to the festivities this year.

Allow us to make some discerning recommendations. 

Twinkly Christmas Tree

Christmas enters the internet age with this LED-lit, wifi-controlled, smartphone app-enabled Christmas tree. Standing seven and a half feet tall, it's assembled in literally moments and it lights up beautifully the second you plug it in.

For a low maintenance but high impact Christmas tree set up, you will never find an easier or more eye-catching product.

The Twinkly Pre-lit tree Special Edition 400 LEDs tree combines 400 bright, colorful LED lights, a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth controller, and an easy to use smartphone app, ready to perform amazing animations easily and quickly. It's like a Christmas tree if it were designed by Apple.

There's an online gallery of potential animations that you can instantly download and be inspired by, but you can create your own perfect light display very easily yourself.

If you retain fraught memories of Christmases almost ruined by multiple electric cords and all that endless tree circling, that's a thing of the past with this already pre-wired tree ready to dazzle you. To order Click Here.

Bosco Socks

If you're Irish and of a certain age, and face it who isn't after 2020, you may remember with fondness that Ireland's children's TV legend Bosco.

The personification of fair play and auld decency, why not commemorate his legacy of kindness and silly carry on with you own pair of Bosco socks?

Fashionable and also eye-assaulting, they're a fun gift for the Irish friend who likes to keep ahead of the trends. To order Click Here.

Musical Lighted Christmas Snow Spinning Water Glittering Santa Claus

Yes, that's a mouthful of a name, but it's translated from the original Chinese and the full product name would actually fill this article.

Yes, it's wonderfully tacky, but you could argue that so is Christmas if you're doing it right: I mean Christmas crackers, Christmas sweaters, glitter, and more glitter?

This cute little animated glittering snow glob thing will hypnotize you from the moment you turn it on and it can play Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Silent Night, Deck the Halls, Joy to the World, and so on, but I suspect you'll just want to stare at all the brilliant sparkles. 

People actually love these things, both as gifts and conversation pieces. Consider them the ultimate snow globe, you won't regret your purchase (which is surprisingly affordable) take it from us. To order Click Here.

Build Your Own Tiny Dublin

If you like me have missed your annual trip to the old sod because of that recent spot of bother, how about recreating the heart of it on your mantlepiece this Christmas? 

Why not order some charming 3D models of beloved Dublin landmarks (to cut out and build) like the GPO, the Olympia Theatre and the Jeanie Johnston.

Suitable for children or adults, Build Your Own Tiny Dublin was designed and painted by Anke Eckardt in her West Cork studio. To order, Click Here.

Mildly Intoxicating Dublin Air

There's something special about the Irish air that seems to lend itself to literary pursuits, just ask The Little Museum of Dublin, who have had the cheeky idea of bottling some authentic Dublin air.

Guaranteed (alright, not guaranteed at all) to elevate and even intoxicate your senses, it's a bargain at the price of four euro and should be given to all your circle who are missing – like we are all missing – a bit of Irish craic this Christmas.

Inhale this until you can inhale the air on the Sandymount strand. Hopefully by the summer of 2021 in the Fair City. To order, Click Here.

Merry Christmas!