Fox New's Sean Hannity has just written his personal creed, but unlike Our Lord's' would you be surprised to hear that Hannity's is pretty exclusionary?

In his new book, titled Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda, Hannity rails against what he identifies as the signature issues for Democrats: chief among them their fiendish plot to expand what he calls the 'dependency' classes.

Excuse me, the what? The dependency classes? Is that what they call the poor at his yacht club now? Is that why he's expressing himself like an oligarch circa 1910? Who talks like this in 2010?

Hannity's senior college at Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, may share most of his views but he has the sense not to offer them in haughty tones that make him sound like a Brahmin shuddering at the great unwashed.

There's been a lot of overheated rhetoric coming out of Fox News and from the right in general over the last twelve months, but you should read this quote from Hannity's new book for an example of his blowhard myopia:

“Obama and his party stand for America’s economic bankruptcy, virtual surrender in the war on terror, and a culture of death, from abortion to embryonic stem cell research to healthcare rationing tantamount to death panels. He stands for a comprehensive radicalization of our culture, from turning our schools over to homosexual activists, to undermining the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, to expanding the dependency classes. He stands for polarization and alienation between racial and ethnic groups, and between those of different economic circumstances. He stands for government swallowing the private sector and equalizing income and asset distribution; he may even use the courts, if he can pull it off, to impose what he and his fellow radicals call ‘economic justice,’ a grand-scale version of ‘spreading the wealth around.’”

Vote for Obama and you're children will be ensnared within the Pink Triangle. Your husband will leave you for another man. Your grandparents will be sent to a concentration camp. We'll be goaded by racists. We'll be held up at gun point. We'll have our homes taken from us. It'll be Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, every goddamned day.

No wonder the Tea Party crowd are spitting mad and shrieking at Congressmen. No wonder they're freaking out in front of the cameras. Sean Hannity and Fox News is telling them the world is ending. It would be laughable if it wasn't so dangerous.

If you're stupid enough to fall for this nightmare vision of the future - and sadly, millions are - you'll actually become the danger to society that Hannity claims he's working to prevent. Funny how that works.

The Fox News noise machine is cranking at full tilt this year, obviously. It's a shame this kind of overheated rhetoric is turning it's anchors into cranks.