Fox News - Monica Crowley

The polite response to the news that someone's become engaged is to offer them your congratulations.

But if you're a Fox News pundit it's apparently just an opportunity to engage in some junior-high level hate speech.

Responding to the news that Sandra Fluke, the woman Rush Limbaugh recently called a 'slut' and a 'prostitute,' has become engaged to her boyfriend, Fox New's Monica Crowley dashed to her Twitter feed yesterday to snipe: 'To a man?'

From first painting Fluke as a nymphomaniac man-eater who wanted America to pay for her birth control, the right are now apparently insinuating she is a lesbian.

Slut, prostitute, lesbian? It's as though the leaders of conservative thought can't get beyond the catch calls and hate speech of junior high.

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When challenged by the public for her blatantly homophobic tweet yesterday, Crowley denied she was insinuating that Fluke might be gay. But in what other context can her tweet be understood? Her 'To a man?' crack panders to the worst stereotypes amongst conservatives that any avowed feminist who is nobody's doormat must be a lesbian.

Meanwhile Limbaugh was on another woman-bashing tirade of his own yesterday calling the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 'just a secretary.' The sexist implications were clear to all. You would think that at this point the leaders of Republican thought would think better of waging the war on women, but instead they continually reload.

Fluke has mopped the floor with every major conservative figure who has attempted to demagogue her. Crowley would have been wiser to keep her junior high level homophobia to herself. Her hateful tweet was beneath her. She should apologize to the nation's  LGBT community.