Yesterday President Obama found himself reluctantly releasing his own long form birth certificate to refocus the public - and worse, the US media's - attention away from the wingnut conspiracy theory that had distracted the nation.

On hearing this Donald Trump decided he had reason to be proud of himself for forcing the president's hand. In fact, he said he was 'honored' by it.

But in contrast, some longtime black civil rights workers - after they stopped being angry about this absurd circus, openly wept. Because they understood what the media and the public is only starting to grasp: that this "conspiracy" took hold because some people will never see a black man as a legitimate anything: neither president, head of state, or American.

Yesterday CNN's John King confronted Donald Trump over his disgusting birther crusade, asking Trump how he felt about being called a 'carnival barker.'

Then King did something that Trump had coming: he asked him when he's going to release his own tax returns since the birth certificate is out there. (Trump gave assurances he would release his tax returns when Obama released his birth certificate, but so far Trump hasn't done so).

And finally King peppered an increasingly irate Trump about the non-existent CNN poll that Trump keeps claiming shows him neck-and-neck with Obama. You can tell Trump would like to fire King, if only he could.

Now it appears to be Trump's turn for a taste of his own harsh medicine. As this interview makes clear, you can already see he won't take it with the same grace the president has.