NY town clerk objecting to the law of the land
A few of New York's town clerks have decided to break the law rather than follow it.

Why? Because they follow a greater law than the law of the land (which, obviously, they were not hired to pursue). I'm sure they made no mention of this higher law, of course, at their job interviews.

But now, by refusing to process marriage licenses for gay couples, because it conflict's with their Christian faith, they have effectively decided who constitutes a New York citizen and who does not.

Now three of these town clerks - all women - have joined a new organization called the - wait for it - Anti-Marriage Defamation Alliance (which apparently doesn't mind the damage heterosexuals do to the institution nearly as much as the gays).

This dilemma has a simple solution: if Rose Marie Belforti loves her job she should perform it. Rose does not get to randomly decide who she will and will not help. If she starts to Rose needs a new job.

No one actually cares who Rose Marie Belforti thinks she's 'endorsing' or not. Rose took an oath of office, she swore to uphold the laws of the state of New York and the United States. The oath did not ask her to uphold only those laws she personally deems to be valid.