Do you want to know what America would look like under Tea Party/GOP rule? Look no further than Arizona.

Not content to wage war against health care for all it's citizens, or to menace the undocumented, lawyers for the state are now attempting to eliminate the state's domestic partner benefits.

So the basic recipe looks like this: bash the immigrants, the gays and the poor - anyone who isn't a white conservative heterosexual, presumably  - and do anything, anything, to meet budget shortfalls, other than raise taxes on the wealthy, of course.

Gay in Arizona? You'll pay the same taxes as your heterosexual neighbors but you won't be entitled to equal benefits. How about that for special rights?

Although a judge ruled last year that the state must continue paying domestic partner benefits while courts decide the legality of Governor Brewer's effort to end the policy (enacted while Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was governor) according to the state's attorneys, the benefits need to be stopped during the proceedings to help the state save money.

But you know what? The state could save a great deal more money and time if it stopped filing politically motivated lawsuits that have turned it into a national pariah.

What a reactionary and unwelcoming place Arizona is now under Governor Jan Brewer's reign. Instead of marching forward it's simply tilted to the right.

Is this what we want for America?