Bill O'Reilly is said to be deeply displeased that Sean Hannity got to interview Sarah Palin before him.

He was reported to have had a " hissy fit" when Hannity got the first interview.

The Hannity exclusive has caused a rift among the two men who have dominated the conservative talk circuit for several years now.

O'Reilly is also said to be upset that Glenn Beck is closing in in the ratings.

Beck came in second in a Harris poll on people's favorite TV news personality behind Oprah.O'Reilly came in at No. 10.

Worse for O'Reilly is the fact that Beck finished as No 1. with people who identified themselves as conservatives and Republicans.

Does this mean that Old Bill is slipping? Hardly, he is still the No. 1 rated show -- but it was clear from their Long Island appearance that O'Reilly and Beck do not have good body language together.

When Beck knelt to the floor thanking God for the Massachusetts Senate victory, O'Reilly looked like he'd rather have been anywhere else.

To his credit he doesn't do the same kind of histrionics which in a hot-medium may not work for him in the long run.

So uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Hannity however, is another matter.

The talk at Fox is that he is still mulling a political career. Now that would put the cat among the pigeons.