Once again this year the Billster has taken on the heavy load of saving Christmas from the atheists and the ACLU.

His most recent show on Fox news had Illinois threatened because someone had put up an atheist sign and the ACLU had defended it --or something like that.

To help him save Christmas Bill brought along certified nut job Anne Coulter, who of course agreed with everything Bill said.

Really Bill don't you have something better to do with you time?

You are such a smart guy and I enjoy your show but every year the drumbeat about Christmas is being ruined by some lefty kooks has become a Christmas staple.

But I have news for you Bill.

Christmas is safe - yes it really is. There is no massive worldwide conspiracy or lefty lunacy at work.

Sure there are some objectors to the whole season but Bill look in your ten year old daughter's eyes this season, see the excitement there and tell me Christmas is not safe.

You are much smarter than all this hysteria Bill - Please give it pass next year.