Will Ferrell has said that following his role as fashion designer Mugatu in "Zoolander" he vowed to never dye his hair again for a movie.

The "Anchorman" and "SNL" comedian bleached his hair for the role but he told Empire magazine that he would never do it again.

He said "I was doing Saturday Night Live and I hadn't started the season yet, and Lorne Michaels was going to kill me, but I thought, 'Let's do it anyway,'...That's commitment. I'd never do it again."

He also confessed that dying his hair was his idea in the first place. He explained "I said, 'What if I just dyed my hair platinum blond?'" so he really has no one to blame.

Ferrell recently finished filming on "Casa De Mi Padre" with Diego Luna and starring Gael García Bernal.