Alec Baldwin and his fiancée Hilaria Thomas
“30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin, much loved for his role as Jack Donaghy, has just returned from a holiday to Italy with his fiancée Hilaria Thomas.

The actor of Irish, British and French descent went to twitter for suggestion on his wedding on Friday. He tweeted “Anyone got a castle they're not using in September?"

Seeing as he named his daughter Ireland why not keep up with the them and have it in one of the hundreds of beautiful castles in the Emerald Isle right?!

Although there seems to have been no serious comments made on Twitter some followers came up with some fun response such as “s*** rich people say” and “OK…how about a big tent?”

Other’s suggested that they have Baldwin’s friend and iconic comedian Steven Martin and his bluegrass group, Steep Canyon Rangers, play at the wedding. Baldwin responded saying “Can't afford him!”

Over the last couple of years “The Wire” star Dominic West tied the knot with his wife at Glin Castle, in Limerick.

Also Danny Masterson, famous for his role as Steven Hyde in “That’s 70s Show” married in a castle in Tipperary last year.

Where do you think Alec Baldwin should get married?