It is July 4th and what is America thinking of as they celebrate that glorious day?

Not very much if you check Google trends and Yahoo trends, the two major indicators of where American heads are at at any given moment.

Would you believe Justin Bieber and Victoria Beckham?

Yes, those are the top two trending names as we make it to the holiday.

It's kind of sad really. Victoria is being advised to give up singing and stick to fashion.

Justin shares a birthday with some blogger who imagines they were born the same year as well.

So America is focused on a footballer's wife who had a mediocre music career and the latest cookie-cutter teen pop idol who will burst on the scene and disappear as surely as the July 4th fireworks in a few hours.

Is it just me or are we stuck in an endless Seinfeld show, where nothing is important and only the ultra trivial matters?

Was it for this that Washington created the revolution, that Jefferson wrote the greatest documents of our history, that armies clashed on darkling plains in order to secure American freedom?

Afraid so folks.

Not that there is anything wrong with Victoria and Justin, as Jerry himself might say.

But it is kind of sad really.