The Saturdays singer - who is married to rugby player Ben Foden - is thrilled her 22-month-old toddler has started to chatter away in an "adorable" Irish lilt after spending Christmas with Una's family.

Writing in her blog for HELLO! Online, the redhead enthused: "My little girl Aoife Belle has just been chatting away to me in her new Irish accent - and it's adorable! She picked it up while we were over in Ireland at New Year. It's amazing how quickly young children can pick an accent up.

"She's taken to calling me 'Mammy' rather than 'Mummy' now - I think she must've heard me saying it to my mother. She tried saying 'Granny' a lot while we were over there but that comes out as 'Danny' at the moment which is really cute."

The 'What About Us' hitmaker made sure to tune into her new TV show 'Una's Dream Ticket' while she was in Ireland, but Aoife was far more interested in her enormous Christmas present haul.

Una said: "Aoife saw me on the screen a couple of times but it was difficult to tear her away from her new presents - she couldn't be separated from her new colouring book for days! She was so spoilt this Christmas - especially by my sister who bought her a huge hamper of presents.

"Aoife woke up to find that Father Christmas had delivered her presents at the end of her cot - she was beside herself with excitement."