Bono and Brad Pitt at a ONE event in 2005 (
Brad Pitt is talking up a storm these days, giving interviews left and right about how his kids want him to “give mommy a ring” – mommy being Angelina Jolie, of course – and finally make her Mrs. Pitt.

Yes, he says, they’ll get around to it eventually, but there are other things on his mind as well. Oscar nominee Pitt talked to the latest edition The Hollywood Reporter about how he got involved in philanthropic work, and it’s not hard to guess the fellow celebrity who really got him thinking how to make a difference in the world.

Yup, it was Bono, who Pitt met several years ago and sought out for advice on the humanitarian crisis in Africa after taking a trip to Casablanca and being shocked by the poverty he saw.

"I sought out Bono and sat down with him a few times and got involved in some of the stuff he was doing. But it all started before that. It started with private acts," Pitt told the program.

Bono and Pitt teamed up in 2005 to star in a series of anti-poverty and AIDS awareness aids championed by Bono’s African relief group ONE. "I've seen it, I've been there, and to walk away from it and turn my back makes me culpable. And I can't do that,” Pitt told the press at the time during a joint appearance with the U2 frontman.
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Bono’s words of encouragement for Pitt to get involved in activism might have inadvertently led to the creation of the Brangelina worldwide phenomenon. During Pitt’s time working with ONE he was also shooting a film with Jolie (and still married to Jennifer Aniston).

Jolie has traveled the world as a UN goodwill ambassador, shining a light on the world’s most deprived areas, and Pitt says that her work really made him think.

“That may have been one of the things that brought us together. Certainly, I've met very few people more dedicated than she is,” Pitt acknowledged.

The Jolie-Pitt clan has spent some quality time with Bono and U2 bandmate The Edge in the south of France, where they all own homes.