Helping Bono on his way to recover he seems to have a great deal of support from his friends in high places.

U2’s front man his wife of nearly 29 years, Ali, were snapped lounging on Oracle owner, Larry Ellison’s yacht “The Rising Sun” with Roman Abramovich. “The Rising Sun” is the largest privately owned yacht in the world.

This spotting of Bono comes just weeks after he hung with his friend Lance Armstrong at his villa in the South of France. It must be nice to be in with such circle of friends.

The Chelsea football club owner, Roman Abramovich, met the couple of the massive yacht in the Mediterranean sea just off the French coast.

Bono has been staying at his own holiday home in the South of France. His hope is to be healthy enough to return to performing this fall for the next leg of his “360 Tour”.

If these are the people he calls friends imagine who his doctors are!