“Twilight” star Robert Pattinson caused a riot by sending a joke video message to girl of Taft Prep School in Connecticut.

Pattinson who is just about to begin filming of “Breaking Dawn” filmed a skit in Baton Rouge with director Peter Berg (see video).

The tape was shown to the girls at the school as part of their Halloween festivities. As soon as Pattinson came on the screen the girls exploded.

The headmaster, Will MacMullen, said that the students got so hysterical that they were considering calling 911 for help

Speaking to the school’s newspaper the MacMullen said “When the film was shown, it was deafening! Peter Berg has directed another blockbuster hit! I thought we were going to have to call in the medics—several of the girls looked as if they were about to have a heart attack!"

Pattinson was attempting to play a deadpan role in the skit (though he was obviously dying to laugh). The “Friday Night Lights” director and Taft alumnus, Peter Berg and Pattinson stood in the woods outside Baton Rouge during the skit.

Berg, who graduated from Taft in 1980, recruited Pattinson for the video to mark the school’s traditional Headmaster Holiday. Last year Berg also made a short film to mark the event.

The tradition dates back to the election of President William Howard Taft whose son was student. The school was given a short break in studies so his son could attend the inauguration.

In the video Pattinson says “Taft has been causing problems for a while now." Getting in some vampire jokes about the school, some students and teachers.

Berg asked him is he thinks it is normal that one student is the captain of three sport teams. Pattison calls it insane and says “I don't think it's normal at all."

Berg also bring up that fact that one of the faculty members appears to be getting younger. Pattinson says “I told him so many times he should have left that school, everybody's gonna find out."