Robert Pattinson has been ranked number five in Heat magazine's list of the British richest stars under 30. The Twilight" actor came in just behind "Harry Potter's" Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint earning over $27 million. Keira Knightly, who can currently be seen starring alongside Colin Farrell in "London Boulevard", came in second.

The highest earning British musician under 30 is "Bleeding Love" singer, Leona Lewis. She has made her fortune since winning "The X Factor" in 2006. She comes in at sixth place.

Sam Delaney, editor of Heat magazine, said that this list proves not all rich folks are "corrupt, cigar-chomping fat cats...In these tight financial times, there's a great deal of animosity felt towards society's richest. But who could possibly resent the millions earned by a charming young rascal like Daniel Radcliffe?"
"The heat rich list is proof that not all mega-rich people are corrupt, cigar-chomping fat cats. This list is full of young people who have largely made their cash out of putting smiles on other people's faces."

The complete Heat Rich List 2010:

Daniel Radcliffe, 21 (45,660,000 pounds)
Keira Knightley, 25 (30,100,000 pounds)
Emma Watson, 20 (20,633,000 pounds)
Rupert Grint, 22 (19,000,000 pounds)
Robert Pattinson, 24 (18,500,000 pounds)
Leona Lewis, 25 (12,533,000 pounds)
Charlotte Church, 24 (10,330,000 pounds)
Katie Melua, 26 (10,118,000 pounds)
Katherine Jenkins, 30 (9,716,000 pounds)
Coleen Rooney, 24 (9,080,000 pounds)
Craig David, 29 (9,000,000 pounds)
Joss Stone, 23 (8,303,000 pounds)
Mika, 27 (8,026,000 pounds)
Cheryl Cole, 27 (7,916,000 pounds)
Amy Winehouse, 27 (7,833,0000 pounds)
Alex Turner, 24 (7,500,000 pounds)
Sienna Miller, 29 (6, 183,000 pounds)
Emily Blunt, 27 (5,933,000 pounds)
Gemma Arterton, 24 (5,666,000 pounds)
Duffy, 26 (5,617,000 pounds)
James Morrison, 26 (5,117,000 pounds)
Kelly Brook, 30 (5,100,000 pounds)
Natasha Bedingfield, 29 (4,783,000 pounds)
Lily Allen, 25 (4,683,000 pounds)
Paolo Nutini, 23 (4,116,000 pounds)
Kimberley Walsh, 29 (3,890,000 pounds)
Sarah Harding, 29 (3,890,000 pounds)
Nadine Coyle, 25 (3,556,000 pounds)
Nicola Roberts, 25 (3,233,000 pounds)
Jamie Bell, 24 (2,750,000 pounds)

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