Yes. It's true the unthinkable has happened. Robert Pattinson has only come second in the Entertainment Weekly summer poll for the top Sexy Beast.

It was expected that Robert Pattinson who plays Edward Cullen in "The Twilight Saga" would win out over all the other ghastly and ghoulish characters from the silver screen but it seems that it was not to be.

The Entertainment Weekly poll was done over Twitter and Facebook, as well as on their own website. Over 30 days they received an amazing 1.5 million votes.

The site announced the poll as "Take 64 of the hottest vampires, werewolves, aliens, mutants, monsters, and machines ever to grace the pop-culture landscape; pit them against one another in a good old-fashioned, single-elimination bracket tourney; see who prevailed (while indulging in a little eye-candy perusal in the process).”

They joked that along the way there were upsets, such as "Battlestar Galactica" being ousted in the second round. Then came surprises with "Charmed's" Cole Turner, who plays Belthazor, making it to round 16. Also the poll brought heartbreak to those at Entertainment Weekly offices as Ms. Pac-man had a humiliatingly early exit from the poll.

In the end it was a close competition between Somerhalder and Pattinson with just 200 votes in the difference on the final day of voting.

When asked how he felt about winning the top spot Somerhalder said it was all about Justin Bieber. He said "I think [co-star Matt Davis] text-messaged Justin Bieber and said ‘Hey, would you please vote for my friend?’ I’m not even kidding.”

So there you have it! If it weren't for Justin Bieber and his insane international mega stardom Robert Pattinson would have won out on this poll.