To some it might seem redundant for a young actress to fall for her handsome leading man (and vice versa) as they plod their way through their blockbuster film franchise. But neither 'Twilight' nor indeed Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart became famous for their originality.

Fans of the will-they-won't-they romantic novels (with vampires) know that with the recent release of 'Breaking Dawn,' their beloved 'Twilight Saga' is almost at an end.

Whilst critics of the show's old-fashioned girl-meets-boy-and-has-to-choose-between-her-body-and soul-genre are rejoicing, the series’ fans have never paid them any attention.

In fact, fan curiosity about the the two pale-and-paler thespians still knows no bounds, which is why fans are turning to the pairs- friends for details of their real-life romance.

Longtime buddy Peter Facinelli's told "It's been fun for me to watch them rise to fame and the way they've handled it. When your life is put under a microscope like that it's very difficult to function, and I give them great credit for living a normal life within the realm of their fame."


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Zzzzzz. Don't we want to hear they're not like us more than they are? Isn't that the point of all this scrutiny?

"I think that the 'Twilight' casting was so spot-on," actress Ashley Greene told the press, "especially between Rob and Kristen."

Kellen Lutz, another 'Twilight' lead, told the press: "They seem adorable every time I see them and madly in love."

'Twilight's' director, Catherine Hardwicke, adds: "I was exactly right there when they first met, so I saw it all from the beginning. I think they're wonderful; they're super close to my heart."

'Breaking Dawn' director Chris Weitz adds his take: "I like them very much. What I also wish for them are happy lives that aren't impinged on too much by the downside of the great things that have happened to them."

They're you have it. They're famous but they're not spoiled. They're celebrities but they're normal as anything. You won't read about their breakup about a month after the final film closes. Trust us.