Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
After a year filled with personal drama, ‘Twilight’ actor Robert Pattinson is reportedly looking around London to purchase his own low-key pub to run.

"I would love to own a pub in London at some point,” Pattinson told Yahoo OMG!

"I wouldn’t want to buy a pub that was all trendy and done Gastro style food, I just want a real working men’s pub,'' added Pattinson.

"I probably wouldn’t even go public that I owned it; I wouldn’t want it to become the sort of place people went to spot celebrities. I just want it to be a real pub where men discuss the issues of the day."

Hmm … wonder if R. Patz owns a London pub already?!

Going on, the British actor added that "The UK is the home of pubs, and we need to make sure we protect them.”

"Every time I am back home and see that a local pub has closed down it actually makes me sad. The local can be the focal point of the community, and if we lose them we lose one of the things that is greatest about Britain,'' he continued.

“Men putting the world to rights over a few pints puts the Great into Great Britain; we have to fight to keep that.''

Purchasing a small pub in London may be the perfect escape for Pattinson who is constantly in the public eye. The ‘Twilight’ star made headlines in 2012 when his on again off again girlfriend and ‘Twilight’ co-star Kristen Stewart had an affair with her ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’ director, Rupert Sanders.

While the two have patched things up, one of the reported conditions of getting back together is that Pattinson wanted to spend more time in his homeland of England.

“Ever since Kristen’s affair last year, Rob has realised just how much his friends and family in the UK mean to him,” a source reportedly told The Mirror.

The two also finally wrapped up the massively successful ‘Twilight’ film franchise this past November, perhaps freeing them up for some more travelling?

“After spending more time in London in recent months, Rob’s decided he wants to split his time more between London and Los Angeles. He wants to put down roots in London and he’s doing it with Kristen.”

The source added, “Rob told Kristen that if she wants to make things work, she’s going to have to accept that he wants to spend much more time in London.”