Nancy Grace will surely make a few headlines this week and not for her Cha Cha, sparkly sexy dresses and sexy routines but for an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction aired on Monday's "Dancing With The Stars" (video below).

Her already low-cut dress failed to keep her tucked in as she danced the quickstep rigorously. Holding her final position of the dance for a few moments unaware of an exposed nipple until standing up straight where she quickly buried her face into her dance partner Tristan MacManus' shoulder while she fixed herself. The camera quickly cut to audience for a moment.

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Host Tom Bergeron of course not wanting to let it go unnoticed, laughed, "Let me help you out a little bit there... On the European version that would be totally fine."

The incident was cut out of the West Coast version.

Taking it in her stride, Grace later said she hadn't noticed anything, and she still got high scores from the judges.