Just when you thought Paris Hilton could not do anything more stupid comes news of her arrest for cocaine possession.

Hilton was booked into Clark County Detention Centre in Las Vegas after she was stopped while in a car driven by a friend.
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The car was stopped when officers noticed what they suspected to be marijuana smoke coming from it, he said.

"Officers noticed a vehicle leaving smoke trail of a controlled substance (and) made a stop based on that," a spokesman said.

Hilton was found to be in possession of cocaine when they searched her.

This is breathtakingly stupid even by Paris Hilton standards.

She and Lindsay Lohan are quickly becoming the standard for bad girl behavior in America and a terrible example to kids who adore them.

It will not stop either until one or both of them are forced to do real time, not slap on the wrist time.

Time to lock up Paris and throw the key away for a while if she is found guilty.