Danny O'Donoghue
The Irish musician used to always forget what room he was staying in after a big night on the booze, but now he gets his band's tour organisers to get him the same room digits no matter where in the world he is.

He said: "I am now getting them to book into the same room number at every hotel we stay in.

"That way I can always get back to my bed even after a big night out. The boys keep threatening to tweet that room number just to see who turns up!"

Danny - who is a judge on the UK version of 'The Voice' - likes to go out drinking and considers himself a night life loving guy.

The 'For the First Time' singer and his bandmates have just released their third album '#3' and the singer is pleased there are several tracks on the LP that you can party to.

He recently said: "For ages, a Script song would be about singing your heart out in the car but you couldn't dance to a song.

"But there's a few songs on this album that you can put on in a bar now. 'Good Ol' Days' was inspired by our mates in Dublin. We go down the pub with them when we are home and we see what they say we should do next."