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Ireland’s hottest comedy duo, the Rubberbandits made their cameo on RTE’s, “The Late Late Show” last Friday night.
The Rubberbandits, aka Blind Boy Boat Club and Mr Chrome, shot to fame last week with the release of their single “Horse Outside”.
Speaking about the merits of using a horse as your main mode of transport the Limerick men said: “Not a lot of people have a horse-load of money these days, but why would you waste your money on petrol when you could waste your money on hay to feed your horse”.
Becoming an internet sensation, their track has clocked up over three million views on YouTube: “That’s just our Mam’s clicking it over and over and over,” they told Ryan Tubridy, the host of the chat show.
The lads are very proud about their Limerick roots.
“We love Limerick…it has beautiful roundabouts,” they said.
Commenting on their political endorsement from current TD, Willie O’Dea they said: “We would also like to point out that Willie O’Dea is not our father, he is our mother’s boyfriend.”