Tom Hardy as Bain in "Dark Knight Rises"
The actor regrets the fact he doesn't get to spend as much time with four-year-old Louis - his child with ex-girlfriend Rachel Speed - as he would like because of his film work.

Despite his guilt, Tom - who stars as villain Bane in new Batman film 'The Dark Knight Rises' - knows his successful career has many benefits for his child.

He said: "My little boy lives mostly with his mum and I see him when I can.

"I'm very much aware of being a 'Skype father', which is sad. But I have to have the finances to make sure he'll be secure and I can only do that by working."

Tom, 34, also admits it is tough finding the time to see his fiancee, actress Charlotte Riley, because of his filming commitments.

He added: "I like to go no longer than three weeks without seeing my loved ones but it does take some juggling. My fiancee is an actress, too, so quite often she goes to the other side of the globe while I go to the other."

However, the 'War Horse' star has vowed to do anything he can to make his loved ones happy.

He told Company magazine: "I'm prepared to go to any sort of counseling or therapy in order to keep my feet on the ground and clean up my act to be in a relationship.

"I'll do anything to be both a better boyfriend and a better father. That sounds worthy, doesn't it? But it's what I believe I have to do."