Well we are all aware of Lady Gaga’s love for a cup and saucer but now it seems that tea companies such as Twinings, Lipton, PG Tips and Tetley are fighting over who should get her to be their advertising representitative.

The pop odd ball is making tea drinking cool.

According to the Mirror newspaper Twinings have already offered Lady Gaga a multi-million-dollar offer to have Gaga as the new face of their brand.

Irish bookies, Paddy Powers, are even giving odds on which company will win out. The cheeky bookies will give odds on almost anything.

Paddy Powers odd are:

Twinings: 11-10
Lipton: 5-2
PG Tips: 7 -2
Tetley: 4-1

We’ll just have to see which company is Lady Gaga’s cup of tea.