Harry Styles and Taylor Swift
The 23-year-old singer has only recently started dating the 18-year-old One Direction heartthrob but friends say they are completely smitten with each other already.

A source told HollywoodLife.com: “From what I’ve seen, Taylor and Harry are totally falling in love. At first, she just wanted…him because he’s hot. But now they’re being cutesy together. She totally sees a future, not like with her ex John Mayer.”

“Taylor totally falls for boys and then doesn’t…let…go.”

The relationship is not just one-side, with Harry said to be equally besotted with Taylor.

The friend added: “He likes her too.”

However, other pals are worried they are getting too serious, too fast.

One insider said: "For now she is totally caught up in love. It's how she is. She doesn't go at a normal pace in these relationships. It's zero to 60 in seconds.

"Taylor's a serial dater. She gets too clingy with guys or she gets sick of them. Harry will break her heart but isn't that the point? It'll become material for her next album."