Susan Boyle's two brothers have fallen out over her manager and plans for her future according to the Sunday Express newspaper in Britain.

John and Gerry Boyle are said to be “squabbling” over what to do for Susan who they believe needs better security and care.

The argument is over manager Andy Stephens who has taken a huge role in Susan's career. Brother Gerry believes he is doing a great job but John blames him for“not looking after Susan properly”.

The paper quotes an insider who says: “Both John and Gerry want only the best for Susan but there is conflict there. They have differing opinions on how they want Susan to be treated and managed.”

John says his sister is fragile emotionally and needs help claiming that Susan had a “disability”. He said: “It’s only manageable by having great patience with Susan. It’s difficult to diagnose.

“One night she’s OK. The next night she blows up. It’s a difficult situation, multiplied by fame. If Susan sat beside you, you would know she had a wee problem. She has always had those problems.”

However brother Gerry took exception to those remarks An insider said: “The comments did not go down well. It makes Susan out to be unstable and that is not the image they want to portray. Susan has a very capable management team backing her and they put her best interests first.

“The interview given by John Boyle was not appreciated.”

Gerry, believes Andy has done an incredible job with Susan saying he is a “tremendous support for her”.