Susan Boyle
The 'I Dreamed A Dream' singer has had a huge crush on the 70s heartthrob most of her life and tucks up to him whenever she goes to sleep as she has a blanket with his face on.

Susan - who recently performed alongside Donny at a show in Las Vegas - said: "I have a blanket with Donny's face on it. And yes, I sleep underneath it at night. We presented Donny with a blanket with my face on it, too. Does he sleep underneath it? Not with his wife there! I've met Debbie and she's a lovely lady."

When she met Donny, Susan said he was the ultimate gentleman and even helped her walk on to the stage as she was struggling with her high heels.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: "I wasn't nervous. My only problem was trying not to trip on the polished stage in my six-inch heels. I've never worn a pair that high and could hardly walk. Donny was helpful - he put his arm around me and held my hand. But I was too shy to say anything."