Susan Boyle is finally learning how to take fame - and everything that comes with it - in her stride. Boyle, who had a pretty rough ride as an overnight sensation, isn't afraid of being famous anymore, as she admits she has slowly come to terms with being a celebrity.

Boyle originally struggled to accept her worldwide fame after appearing on Britain's Got Talent, but says now she is used to her popularity. "I was like a scared child before, but I'm not the scared person I used to be," Susan said. "I had to learn how to deal with a lot of publicity, and the glare of attention. And that takes a bit to get used to. But I got there in the end!" Boyle added.
"I think I'm entertaining people. I'm inspiring a lot of people... people have written to me about how much I have inspired them, and I like to keep on doing that for as long as it lasts."