Erin Andrews was given a huge boost tonight on “Dancing with the Stars" as judges gave her, and her dancing partner Maks Chmerkovskiy, 25 out of a possible 30.

The love struck pair will have to wait until tomorrow to find out how the public voted on their steamy samba.

Their performance is sure to keep the rumor mills turning as they performed a sultry samba that blew away the judges as well as the studio crowd.

As always Len was hard to please and he launched in a rant at Maks saying he needed to give Erin something decent to dance with.

“I’m fed up with shirts coming off. She’s too good for that,” said Len as Maks (predictably!) threw his shirt on the ground.

Len’s opinion was backed up by Bruno who said “This is a girl that can do it."

Both Len and Bruno gave the pair a score of seven. While Carrie Ann, who gave them a score of 9, said “You nailed it!”

The two did not seem too put out by Len’s comments as they kissed presenter Tom Bergeron on either cheek. He sent them backstage calling them “lovebirds”.

Erin seemed a bit concerned that her nerves might be holding her performance back. She said they kill her before the show. "You saw how I was," she said. "My nerves are killing me."

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Erin go bragh!