George Harrison and Paul McCartney
The Beatles musician was moved by Martin Scorsese's four-hour tribute to his former band mate, 'Living in the Material World', as it reminded him of old times with his friend, who passed away from lung cancer in 2001.

He told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper: "I was impressed - it actually really reminded me again what I already knew, which was how cool George was.

"Of course, it was very emotional for me too. But it was really good."

Alongside the documentary on George, last year also saw the release of 'LennoNYC', about another Beatles bandmate, John Lennon - who was assassinated in 1980 - but Paul doesn't feel he's ready for a documentary about himself yet.

He said: "I think you gotta die for that. I dunno. I'm not really that interested in me. I'd rather watch someone else. You know, I'm not good at watching me.

"I'm more interested in other people. I know about me. And I'm satisfied with what I know about me."

Paul's latest album, the soundtrack to ballet 'Ocean's Kingdom' is released today.