Siobhan Magnus has been showing her Goth side with the tattoo she sported on her upper arm on American Idol this week.

The Gashleycrumb Tinies tattoo (above) by Edward Gorey shows a skeleton surrounded by little kids. It was inspired by Gorey's dark rhyming tale of 26 kids all with names from A to Z who die in bad circumstances.

Gorey, who like Siobhan was from Cape Cod has become an iconic figure in the Goth subculture according to Wikipedia.He is most famous for creating the animated opening for the 'Mystery! series on PBS.

Events themed on his works and decorated in his characteristic style are common in the Goth subculture, notably the costumed Edwardian costume balls held annually in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Now Siobhan has created a whole new interest in the reclusive Gorey who died in 2000 and whose home is still preserved on Cape Cod.

Even Siobhan's choice of song last week 'Paint it Black' is also a dark tale about Goth-type themes.