Irish American “Idol” contestant Siobhan Magus was born to perform but who knew she could rock an edgy boy short hair do.

Magnus, from Cape Cod, has made it to the top eight girls and has one of the hottest vocals on the show this year.

But before wowing America with her hair-raising chops and her quirky personality, Magnus sung with a local band, Lunar Valve, in Hyannis and had lots of fun doing so.

Magnus’ bandmate, Matthew Kohler, who played bass told the Cape Cod Times that their frontwoman was “really into the punk scene.”

"I think her preference is more the rock stuff than the pop stuff," said Kohler.
The band is described as a mix metal and hard core music.

Magnus, 19, will perform live for America tomorrow night, Tuesday, and public opinion will decide whether she stays or goes on Thursday night. Her track record however makes us think she’ll be around for a long time.

Last week all four judges were super impressed with her performance, especially a high note she reached at the end of her version of Aretha Franklin’s “Think.”